Matt Powers throws a 360

As of May 2014 this video has over 1.3 million plays.

Its crazy to think I met Matt Powers right around when he started his professional drift career. So when Matt told me he wanted to try a 360 mid drift, on one of the trickiest parts of the down hill section of Willow Spring’s Horse Thief Mile track, I was intrigued. Horse Thief has some awesome elevation changes, tight corners, and was originally built as a motorcycle track. All of that means that its not very wide like other race circuits specifically built for cars. ┬áSo to pull off a 360 it would require a lot of commitment. Watch the video and see for yourself how Matt did with the 360.

Special thanks to Just Drift, who hosts the Top Drift series and Just Drift practice events. They are the best drift events around and they were nice enough to let us try this 360 during an event! Thanks Charlie.

Also to Larry Chen, for being a crazy chase car driver and allowing me to mount my camera setup to his classic 240z. Without Larry, this cool angle would not have been possible.

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