Mazda – Monster Miatas

Client: Mazda/Zoom Zoom Magazine
Role: Director/Director of Photography/Editor
Distribution: USA/Canada/UK

Flyin’ Miata of Palisade, Colorado builds some of the wildest MX-5s out. They take the great handling Mazda MX-5 Miata platform and add more power. Sometimes they take all of the components of the MX-5 and add them to exoskeleton car like the Exocet or the Catfish. Mazda wanted to capture some of the modified Miatas that Flyin Miata builds – so they hired us to film them in action.



Final Finished Frame compared to Storyboard on RMR RZRAPTOR

Rhys Millen Racing approached me to direct/direct photography on a short film



The RZRAPTOR is revealed driving over a crest. Using our DJI s1000 octocopter – we were able to do a converging reveal shot.


Tracking along side the RZRAPTOR through a rough whoops section of off road trail.


Ripping through the frame with a nice dirt and gravel trail.


One of the key features of the RZRAPTOR kit is that it allows for dual 5 gallon gas can storage, tool kit, and a spare tire.


Without scouting the location in advance, we found that the descend shot was a lot more dynamic than the climb at this specific spot.


Thanks to Rhys Millen Racing and Joshua Herron for operating camera/helicopter gimbal on this project.


Tuerck’d – Burke Mountain

Ryan Tuerck drifts Vermont’s Burke Mountain.

Had the chance to work as Director of Photography on a recent episode of Tuerck’d this season – following Ryan Tuerck as he drifts up Burke Mountain.

Shot with the RED Epic, DJI Phantom, Go Pro Hero 3+

The Porsche from the Winter of 53 – Director’s Cut

Sixty second cut down version of the original.

Jeff Zwart loves to race and drive Porsche automobiles. We had been plotting for all of the winter of 2013-2014 to do this film and the original version that I imagined was something like this video. However with the success of the Porsche Gmund video we did for Porsche Panorama magazine and Porsche YouTube – made us think about adding in the history of the 356. We did an interview and I found that it made the story more complete and helped to explain for the naysayers – why it was fitting to slide a 356 Pre A around in the snow.

The original longer form video:

Charlie Vergo’s – Rendezvous

Director of Photography – EATS! BBQ Series.

Earlier this year, I worked as Director of Photography on several episodes of the Made Man series – EATS! The most inspiring BBQ establishment we visited was in Memphis, Tennessee – Charlie Vergo’s Rendezvous. I shot this episode with Canon Cine Primes and the Canon C300. I utilized kino flo 4ft 2 bank lights and kino flo divas for the interview lighting setups.


Updated Camera Car Reel

Camera Car – Director/Operator

Over the past few years I’ve been fortunate to log some serious days behind the control desk in a camera car! It takes a team of people to make those smooth car to car commercials happen – precision drivers, camera operators, stabilized camera head technicians, and crane operators – to get a camera to run in sync with a moving hero car. My job as a Director and more frequently as a Camera Car – Camera Operator is to compose the frame and operate the remote stabilized camera head.  It’s an awesome challenge because it involves directing and having a team of 5 or more people work in unison.

If you need an experienced Camera Operator for your project, feel free to get in touch with me via my Contact page.

Here is a list of the commercial projects that are part of my Reel. I’ve done many more days outside of these selected projects, but feel these are the best selection of my work!

1. Mazda – Mazda3 Heritage UK – Director
2. Buick – LaCrosse – Camera Operator
3. BFGoodrich Tires – One Up – Director
4. Infiniti – QX56 – Camera Operator
5. Kawasaki – Dean versus Dean – Camera Operator
6. Chevrolet – Trax Mexico – Camera Operator
7. Infiniti – QX56 – Camera Operator
8. Nissan/Playstation – GT Academy – Camera Operator
9. Honda – Summer Clearance – Camera Operator
10. BFGoodrich Tires – Awesomecross – Director
11. Chevrolet – Driving Dynamics – Director
12. Mercedes Benz – 2013 C Class – Camera Operator
13. Cadillac – The Challenge – Director

Thanks for watching!

Will Roegge.

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