Client: Petrolicious/Mercedes Benz
Role: Director of Photography

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Stirling Moss’ victory at the 1955 Mille Miglia race Mercedes Benz commissioned Petrolicious to make a film on the legendary driver and his 722 300 SLR. Thanks to both for hiring me to Direct Photography on the film project.

Mazda – Monster Miatas

Client: Mazda/Zoom Zoom Magazine
Role: Director/Director of Photography/Editor
Distribution: USA/Canada/UK

Flyin’ Miata of Palisade, Colorado builds some of the wildest MX-5s out. They take the great handling Mazda MX-5 Miata platform and add more power. Sometimes they take all of the components of the MX-5 and add them to exoskeleton car like the Exocet or the Catfish. Mazda wanted to capture some of the modified Miatas that Flyin Miata builds – so they hired us to film them in action.



Final Finished Frame compared to Storyboard on RMR RZRAPTOR

Rhys Millen Racing approached me to direct/direct photography on a short film



The RZRAPTOR is revealed driving over a crest. Using our DJI s1000 octocopter – we were able to do a converging reveal shot.


Tracking along side the RZRAPTOR through a rough whoops section of off road trail.


Ripping through the frame with a nice dirt and gravel trail.


One of the key features of the RZRAPTOR kit is that it allows for dual 5 gallon gas can storage, tool kit, and a spare tire.


Without scouting the location in advance, we found that the descend shot was a lot more dynamic than the climb at this specific spot.


Thanks to Rhys Millen Racing and Joshua Herron for operating camera/helicopter gimbal on this project.


Tuerck’d – Burke Mountain

Ryan Tuerck drifts Vermont’s Burke Mountain.

Had the chance to work as Director of Photography on a recent episode of Tuerck’d this season – following Ryan Tuerck as he drifts up Burke Mountain.

Shot with the RED Epic, DJI Phantom, Go Pro Hero 3+

The Porsche from the Winter of 53 – Director’s Cut

Sixty second cut down version of the original.

Jeff Zwart loves to race and drive Porsche automobiles. We had been plotting for all of the winter of 2013-2014 to do this film and the original version that I imagined was something like this video. However with the success of the Porsche Gmund video we did for Porsche Panorama magazine and Porsche YouTube – made us think about adding in the history of the 356. We did an interview and I found that it made the story more complete and helped to explain for the naysayers – why it was fitting to slide a 356 Pre A around in the snow.

The original longer form video:

Charlie Vergo’s – Rendezvous

Director of Photography – EATS! BBQ Series.

Earlier this year, I worked as Director of Photography on several episodes of the Made Man series – EATS! The most inspiring BBQ establishment we visited was in Memphis, Tennessee – Charlie Vergo’s Rendezvous. I shot this episode with Canon Cine Primes and the Canon C300. I utilized kino flo 4ft 2 bank lights and kino flo divas for the interview lighting setups.


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