2019 Team Honda HRC

Was stoked to spend a day camera operating and drone flying with Lyttleton Carter for this Team Honda HRC video. Some of my long lens and drone shots made the final edit – in addition to Lyttleton’s great movi/crane work. It was a pleasure to camera operate on this shoot.

Ken Block’s Gymkhana Ten

In December 2018, Hoonigan launched Ken Block’s Gymkhana Ten. Ten is the largest single video project I have ever been a part of filming. It spans 5 distinct locations with 5 unique vehicles.

My role on Gymkhana Ten was a camera operator and drone pilot for all the aerial footage. Josh Herron was the drone gimbal operation and we worked as a two man operation for all of the shots. Check it out!

Mobil 1 – Rennsport Reunion

Working with the team at Theory Communication and Design – I had the opportunity to camera operate with them at the Rennsport Reunion VI – at Monetery Laguna Seca Raceway. This was my 2nd Rennsport Reunion and it was a pleasure to shoot all the Porsches and drivers during the 4 day event.

Drifting the NASCAR Mustang

Joey Logano drifts the new NASCAR Mustang in tandem with World Champion drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. – it was exciting to see two different motorsport worlds come together at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Specialty Field Productions had me Direct Photography along side Director Matt Johnston for this fun video. Joey Logano did fantastic drifting a Cup car – which because of their high amounts of grip and limited steering angle would be a real challenge to continuously drift. Luckily my friend and Formula Drift Champion Vaughn Gittin Jr was there to make sure he had someone to tandem with all day.

Red Bull F1 Roadtrip Part 2

Director: Jeff Zwart My Role: Camera Operator

Following the success of the first Red Bull F1 American road trip video – the 2nd part features the cities of Miami, Florida and crossing Independence Pass outside of Aspen, Colorado. Director Jeff Zwart brought me on to camera operate and its super cool to see my shots end up in the final video.

Rivian – Explore the World

Specialty Field Production brought me along as a Camera Operator to document Rivian’s electric R1T truck and SUV design/development process. From filming the battery banks being assembled in Irvine, California to the clay models being sculpted outside of Detroit, Michigan – it was an exciting job and one that made me a believer in Rivian as a company. Their CEO RJ even helped fix a faulty negative connector on my RED camera – what a guy!

Mobil 1 – Jeff Zwart PPIHC

Mobil 1’s Protecting History video series – features Racer/Film Director Jeff Zwart and his history at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

This video project was personal for me because I’ve documented Jeff’s efforts at Pikes Peak over the last 8 years. It allowed me to share some of the footage I’ve gathered during those races as well as filming Jeff as a mentor/instructor to the Porsche Cayman GT4 drivers at the 2018 running of the hill climb.

Larry Chen and I take a Supercharged Porsche on Ice

Larry Chen invited me to Wisconsin to shoot a Porsche that he had driven at the 2017 SEMA show. Little did he mention that it would be valued at over 300k+ dollars and be making loads of power via the craziest supercharger I’ve ever heard. Needless to say, sliding the Kelly Moss Road and Race Safari 4 on a frozen lake was a great way to start 2018. The Porsche was easy to drive and slide sideways across the varied surface of ice and blown snow. We each got a few short sessions in the car and each time Larry and I were able to get longer and more consistent slides down. Thanks to Vicci Auctions and Kelly Moss Road and Race for inviting us to drive their special creation in Wisconsin.

Hoonigan Daily Transmission features Keep Drifting Fun

Joshua Herron and I were recently featured on an episode of Hoonigan‘s Daily Transmission. Where we spoke about the origins of our documentary project Keep Drifting Fun. It was an excellent opportunity to reflect on previous video projects since 2008 and look ahead to new possibilities in the future. Watch the episode for more of an in-depth look into the film.

Ford Performance – RS Daily Drivers

Ken Block’s RS Daily Drivers

Director: Brian Scotto
Director of Photography: Will Roegge
Production Company: Hoonigan Media Machine

This project allowed us to use some choice cars and trucks for hero cars and camera platforms. We used a new Ford Raptor truck as the camera truck and it was surreal being chased by a Ford RS 200.

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