Made Man – EATS! BBQ Tour

Director of Photography – EATS! BBQ Tour

While cars and racing action usually make up most of my year’s work – I took on a fun project traveling to 6 of the nation’s best BBQ joints with a production called Eats! The show focuses on a variety of restaurants and their back stories. For these episodes we explored some of the highest rated BBQ spots. Most of the places had a background in competitive BBQ. All of them were friendly, busy, and delicious. I’ve picked out a few of my favorite episodes and posted them here.

We shot on the Canon C300 with Zeiss and Canon Cine Primes. As well as with Canon EF glass for a super 8 mm handheld look for certain b-roll shots.

It was awesome to light interviews and pick out different areas of the restaurants to cover.

Finger lickin’ good food.

Jeff Zwart – Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 2014

2014 marks my fifth year covering the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and the fourth film I’ve done with Jeff Zwart. With the road being fully paved for the past 3 years now – I really wanted to emphasize speed in this year’s film. In 2013 we shot the film with a combination of cameras and this year we decided to produce the film in 4k UHD resolution. It looks great at maximum resolution, if you have a resolution and connection bandwidth I recommend changing the settings to 2k or 4k.

Aerial Video Demo Reel

Selected works, 2013-May 2014. More coming soon.

In late 2012, my interest in radio controlled multirotor helicopters peaked and in early 2013 I purchased my first copter and began to fly as much as possible. I knew that new developments in aerial video technology would bring about some big changes – the effects of which I’m really just now starting to see in my career as a Commercial Director/Director of Photography.

Brushless gimbals, GPS stabilized flight controllers, and lightweight high quality video cameras: make for an excellent combination to create low altitude aerial video footage.

Aerial video is just a piece in the puzzle. It has limitations, but it creates a highly economical and efficient way of getting super smooth footage that would be hard to achieve otherwise. I love integrating aerial footage into my shot lists and like the value it adds to my projects.

Shot with the DJI s1000 Octocopter, Zenmuse 5D M3 gimbal, DJI Phantom quadcopter, and Zenmuse Go Pro Gimbal.

The Porsche from the Winter of 53

Commercial Director/Racer Jeff Zwart and I exchange photos our cars being pushed to the limit. Whether its drifting or Jeff rallying – its a fun exchange.

When Jeff sent me a video of his Porsche 356 Pre-A sliding through the snow in Colorado – I knew we had to make a film about it. It turns out, like many cars, there is a great story behind that 356. Jeff originally purchased it after searching for a rental 356 for a Porsche Cayenne commercial. When his search returned no good options, he decided to try and buy one instead. He had no intention of keeping the 356 long term, however the car grew on him and turned out to be fun to wheel.

Thanks to Jeff Zwart for being one to drive cars to their full potential and for sharing the desire to create things constantly.

From Storyboard to Final Frame

YouTube video Thumbnail Jeff Zwart Porsche 356 PRE A storyboard window Jeff Zwart Porsche 356 PRE A storyboard Slide Jeff Zwart Porsche 356 PRE A storyboard Corner Jeff Zwart Porsche 356 PRE A storyboard Scenic Jeff Zwart Porsche 356 PRE A storyboard Reveal Jeff Zwart Porsche 356 PRE A storyboard In-Car Jeff Zwart Porsche 356 PRE A storyboard Helicopter Overhead

Compare my storyboard frames on the left with their finished video frames on the right – taken from my short film: The Porsche from the Winter of 53.

Frame direction has been changed on some to accommodate the real locations and available conditions when I arrived in Colorado to shoot. Also worth noting the Barn Frame changed from my original script. I originally thought it would be interesting to have Jeff’s Cayenne in front of the 356 and the reveal being the 356 driving out from behind it. However, I decided to simplify the story and leave the Cayenne out all together focusing entirely on the 356.

Shot in Woody Creek, Colorado at the end of March, 2014. Using my RED Epic camera Zeiss Lenses and my DJI s1000 Octocopter with a 5D MIII.

Will Roegge + Company’s RED Epic-X Camera Package






RED Epic-X #1907
RED AL PL & EF lens mounts
RED 18-85mm PL Zoom
RED 300mm PL Zoom
RED Mote Controller
RED Touch 5.0" monitor
4x 64gig SSD Media
Cinevate Durus Follow Focus
Wooden Camera Top & Bottom Riser plates
Wooden Camera Handle
Wooden Camera backplate for Anton Bauer gold mount
19mm Baseplate & Arri Dovetail
19mm Bridge plate lens support
O'Connor MB1 4x5.6 two filter Matte Box
5x Anton Bauer Dionic 90 batteries

Matt Powers throws a 360

As of May 2014 this video has over 1.3 million plays.

Its crazy to think I met Matt Powers right around when he started his professional drift career. So when Matt told me he wanted to try a 360 mid drift, on one of the trickiest parts of the down hill section of Willow Spring’s Horse Thief Mile track, I was intrigued. Horse Thief has some awesome elevation changes, tight corners, and was originally built as a motorcycle track. All of that means that its not very wide like other race circuits specifically built for cars.  So to pull off a 360 it would require a lot of commitment. Watch the video and see for yourself how Matt did with the 360.

Special thanks to Just Drift, who hosts the Top Drift series and Just Drift practice events. They are the best drift events around and they were nice enough to let us try this 360 during an event! Thanks Charlie.

Also to Larry Chen, for being a crazy chase car driver and allowing me to mount my camera setup to his classic 240z. Without Larry, this cool angle would not have been possible.

Just Drift – All Star Bash Video

670,000+ plays between YouTube and Vimeo

In just over 5 months, my Just Drift All Star Bash 2013 video has received over 670,000 plays! Really happy with the view count and the response to the video. Thanks for watching!

2015 Subaru WRX – The Chosen Ones

Excited to be able to share some of my recent Directing work. As Director and Director of Photography, I helped to launch the 2015 Subaru WRX in the most Hoon-tastic way possible: by having 5 hardcore Subaru owners drive the crap out of it.
The ring master for the 5 Chosen One’s adventure was skateboard legend and Subaru Rally driver Bucky Lasek. Bucky was awesome to work with on the job – he provided the comic relief, helped refine my autocross course, and ripped some really nice e-brake turns for b-roll.
It’s rare to have an opportunity to really push the limit in cars like the WRX as an enthusiast. Especially when the cars belong to Subaru.
See the full video in my portfolio:
The Chosen Ones

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