Larry Chen and I take a Supercharged Porsche on Ice

Larry Chen invited me to Wisconsin to shoot a Porsche that he had driven at the 2017 SEMA show. Little did he mention that it would be valued at over 300k+ dollars and be making loads of power via the craziest supercharger I’ve ever heard. Needless to say, sliding the Kelly Moss Road and Race Safari 4 on a frozen lake was a great way to start 2018. The Porsche was easy to drive and slide sideways across the varied surface of ice and blown snow. We each got a few short sessions in the car and each time Larry and I were able to get longer and more consistent slides down. Thanks to Vicci Auctions and Kelly Moss Road and Race for inviting us to drive their special creation in Wisconsin.

Ford Performance – RS Daily Drivers

Ken Block’s RS Daily Drivers

Director: Brian Scotto
Director of Photography: Will Roegge
Production Company: Hoonigan Media Machine

This project allowed us to use some choice cars and trucks for hero cars and camera platforms. We used a new Ford Raptor truck as the camera truck and it was surreal being chased by a Ford RS 200.

Jeff Zwart – Porsche 356 fun

It’s all smiles when Jeff Zwart gets to throw around his Porsche 356 Pre-A.

On the same shoot day that we captured the Carrera 4 Rally Car in action – Jeff brought out his 1953 Porsche 356 that we filmed in the Porsche from the Winter of 53. It was fun to see the little car in action again – this time on the gravel. Directed/Edited by Will Roegge, Camera Operation by Brandon Kado, Will Roegge, and Alex Tabaczka.

Personal Project – Back to Big Sky with Jeff Zwart

This short film wouldn’t have been possible without Jeff Zwart’s enthusiasm for driving and willingness to rip them on gravel roads.

It also wouldn’t have been possible without my friends Brandon Kado and Alex Tabazcka – who joined me in camera operating for this shoot.

Finally, having Alex Bernstein, Larry Chen, and Louis Yio on set to photograph the action too was the icing on the cake – plus it made for a good crew to go get Mexican food with after we wrapped filming for the day.

It was really cool to be able to tell Jeff Zwart’s 1990 Porsche Carrera 4 Rally story. Most people aren’t able to hang onto their first cars or race cars – as they continue to grow in their careers. However, Jeff was and he is the only owner of his very special Carrera 4 rally car. The Carrera 4 is significant to Jeff’s racing career because it brought him his first class victory at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and a 2nd place overall finish in the US Pro Rally Championship. 25 years later he is still able to slide it and drive it as it was intended to be driven at Big Sky Movie Ranch.

Check out Larry and Louis’ Behind the Scenes and action photos from that day.

Pennzoil – Terrakhana

Ken Block and his Ford Fiesta RX43 hit the natural features of Swing Arm City, Utah. Sliding banks, jumps, and wall rides – an unusual setting for a rally car to run. Directed by Brian Scotto and the Hoonigan Media Machine. I was stoked to be the Director of Photography and work with my friends on this project.

2018 Ford Focus RS @ Hoonigan Racing

Had the opportunity to travel to Hoonigan Racing Division Headquarters in Utah to film a group of Ford Focus enthusiasts getting to check out the 2018 Focus RS in person – before the general public! Always a good time working with the team at Hoonigan Racing Division and Specialty Field Productions who produced this video.

Ford Performance – Cook the Turkey

Client: Shoot First Productions
Directors: Andrew Laputka
Role: Director of Photography

It’s always fun when I get to work with Director Andrew Laputka and Professional Fun-haver Vaughn Gittin Jr. Our latest project together featured the Line Lock feature of the 2016 Ford Mustang RTR – which allows for smokey burn-outs and crispy turkey. Shot on the RED Epic-W and RED Epic-Dragon with Canon Cine Primes.

Luftgekühlt – Project LUFTAUTO

Director: Will Roegge
Director of Photography: Will Roegge
Client: Luftgekühlt

Luftgekühlt prepares for their 3rd annual event by building a 1985 Porsche Carrera rally car to auction off for the benefit of the Autumn Leaves Foundation. Highlighting the build and testing of this specialty Porsche.

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