Hyundai – Pikes Peak 2013

Rhys Millen Racing and Hyundai at Pikes Peak 2013

My production company, Will Roegge + Company, was hired to create a series of 12 videos for Hyundai North America documenting Rhys Millen Racing’s 2013 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb campaign.

We started in February, 2013 with the design inspiration and planning of the build and concluded in June, 2013 with the run up Pikes Peak. For 2013, Rhys Millen Racing had a two car program – Rhys in the unlimited class and Paul Dallenbach in the time attack class. It was exciting to watch both drivers battle it out within their respective classes. Rhys ended up with 2nd place overall and setting the fastest 2 wheel drive car time ever at Pikes Peak. While Paul ended up first in class and set a new record for the time attack class.

Luminox Watches – Pikes Peak 2013 :60

After the success of the 2013 Pikes Peak film this year with Jeff Zwart – I was asked to do a sixty second version of the film for Luminox watches. Here is the :60 spot which will be used at trade shows and on social networks.

Pikes Peak 2013 – Jeff Zwart & Luminox

For a third year, I’ve worked with Jeff Zwart to capture his race up Pikes Peak.

I feel like the third time is the charm. In the years past we’ve told stories of the mountain and getting to the mountain – this year its about the experience of racing it. The first year I directed a Pikes Peak film with Jeff Zwart was 2010. Pikes Peak was still mixed gravel and pavement and the 10 minute barrier still stood. Thinking about my personal experience at Pikes Peak I’m lucky to have been there to witness the road with dirt. It was a different road, driver’s could pick their line through a wider section of road and the rally style being pitched sideways through one of the mountain’s corners is one of the coolest things to see and film.

Skipping 2012 due to work conflicts, Jeff and I both made our return to Pikes this year and found a different road. The competition has changed and the road is so fast. Driving the highway as a tourist its hard to imagine drivers hitting triple digit speeds while my rental car gasps for air at 45mph. Hopefully this film captures theĀ essenceĀ of Jeff’s Porsche GT3 Cup Hill Climb Special. It is an incredible machine, a skilled driver, all on a challenging road in a race to the clouds.

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